Katova outreach on national news

The Katova High School project featured on national news recently!

We are excited that the Katova High School project got national exposure on various news sites during August.

"The project is one of the largest non-government humanitarian aid programs the country has ever seen and will give hope to generations of children looking towards a brighter future."

On the team's last trip we were blessed to have Richard Noone from Newscorp with us. On 1 September our project received a full page feature in the Sunday Telegraph. Very proud moment for all of us to get this exposure and recognition. Thanks sincerely to Richard Noone for your support and assistance.

Congratulations to the following people;

• Belinda Vandonselaar – Features in the main article in the newspaper – only about 1 million people see this. • Larissa Cameron – Also features in the main article in the newspaper • John DeJong, Mark Jejong and Simon Dehaan who feature on the cover photo of the online video • Taj Rowland – Features in the online article • India and Jarrah Peet – Feature in the online article

Daily Telegraph Article can be found here.

Daily Telegraph Video Link is here.

The video as featured on news.com.au can be watched here.